About Our Care​

Care is provided 24 hours a day by trained staff. In order to maintain continuity of care, each Resident receives a care plan detailing the sort of care they can expect. This plan is reviewed regularly in consultation with the Resident, their GP and the family. We operate a key worker system – assigning a member of the care staff to look after the special needs of a particular Resident. All Residents may choose their own key worker.

Residents are free to choose their own GP. In addition the District Nurse and Health Visitor services are readily available.

If required, medical supervision and control over the supply of medication is given in consultation with the Resident’s doctor.

At Littlefair we recognise that the quality of staff is of paramount importance in making the home a pleasant and rewarding place for our Residents to live. We foster a caring attitude that is under-pinned by an ongoing training programme for all care staff.

Staffing levels are rigorously maintained both day and night and conform to the recommendations of the CQC Inspectorate.

Care briefings take place three times a day to ensure that the quality of care is maintained and that no Resident’s needs are overlooked.

We have facilities to cater for Respite Care on a short or long term basis. Our respite rooms are en-suite rooms with a television and a telephone provided. 

Our Reviews

Rosemary G (Daughter of Resident)
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Littlefair is a lovely friendly residential home. The care staff are very caring and accommodating. Residents are treated as individuals and their individual requirements are taken into consideration when being cared for. Very active list of interactive activities, with residents being encouraged to participate. I am very happy with my relative's care at Littlefair.